Vignetinox Wires

The Vignetinox wires and accessories include all the know-how of the industrial spring manufacturing, starting from the kind of steel. The AISI 302 and AISI 304 series used for the spring manufacturing are not the same wires used for other applications as the welding wires are. Actually in order to manufacture springs the corrosion resistance is not enough. Superior mechanical performances, a very high tensile strength and a deep research are required in order to find the right compromise between elasticity and hardness.

Only using this kind of material Vignetinox succeeded to get wires that do not need to be tensioned again. Furthermore reducing the diameter of the wires the total weight of the materials employed to cover the same surface has been reduced in comparison to the traditional galvanized wires. In the last few years Vignetinox has developed and refined the wire “LEGAINOX”. It is a stainless steel wire with the same mechanical characteristics of the best stainless steel wires, at a more competitive price.


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