Industrial cultivation systems since 1979

VIGNETINOX is a brand of MOLLIFICIO BORTOLUSSI Srl that marks the viticulture and fruit-growing sectors product lines. The Mollificio Bortolussi Srl Company was born at the end of 50’s and in continuous grow, it is now approaching to the third generation.

Ever since the Mollificio Bortolussi Srl Company acts from the initial support, providing ability, competence and professionalism in order to develop its projects according to the customer’s needs. The company values the viability of the requests and cooperates with the customer to find more effective, practical and convenient solutions.

The offer of the Mollificio Bortolussi Srl consists of elastic metal elements, such as compression springs, traction springs, torsion springs, formed springs, sheared strip springs, pressed springs, bended springs and a constant load springs.

NoteThe Vignetinox trademark has been working in the vineyard and orchard implements sector since 1979 and it has been the first to patent an “industrial” cultivation system. This system has been thought to improve the way of working in the field and to reduce the working hours which are usually necessary for the vineyard management.

The Vignetinox system anticipated the use of superior mechanical performance stainless steel wire and accessories. It uses the same stainless steel employed in the industrial spring manufacturing, which is the sole stainless steel that guarantees high resistance and minimal elongation.

With this method new products have been thought, designed, tested and manufactured, achieving new patents in confirmation of the skill to create always new solutions.


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